BTS Suga “The heyday of singers is not long…”The last..

BTS Suga “The heyday of singers is not long…”The last one exists.” Thinking (Shuquita)


“Shuquita” Suga confessed his worries about his heyday to Shin Dong-yeop.

On the 5th, Shin Dong-yup appeared as the second guest on the YouTube channel “BANGTANTV” hosted by BTS member Suga.

On this day, Suga told Shin Dong-yeop, “I haven’t had anyone since my debut who can say I’m a senior.” “There was no one who could ask me what I was curious about,” he said adding, “Didn’t you maintain the top for 31 years?” “I still think about whether I should continue doing this for 10 years or whether I can do it,” he said.

He said, “I enjoy working. There was never a time when I hated the stage. “I want to do it even when I become a gray-haired grandfather for 30, 40 years,” he said, expressing his passion for singer work. Shin Dong-yeop, who heard this, said, “That’s how I feel. If you realize it, you’re all grateful. I can’t resist getting older over time. All history has been. “There is nothing happier than this acknowledged and beautiful age,” he advised.

Suga then said, “We thought about that a lot. Singer Choi Jeon Seong-gi always agonized and struggled a lot because it was not long. “I’m working thankfully these days,” he said adding, “But I thought a lot about what I should do after this is over, what should I do after it is over?” “Isn’t there a last thing?” he said of his new concern.

In response, Shin Dong-yeop said, “I don’t want to think about that. I don’t want you to announce your retirement. Naturally, there can be moments when you can’t do it even if you want to. In the past, I understand, but retirement was like, “Please look at me for the last time,” he said sincerely, “If conditions are available, we can just do something together until the end.”

Sugar said, “I don’t think people will listen to my music more as time goes by. “The peak period for people is set, and I think it’s really greed to be greedy more than that,” he said. “But doesn’t someone listen to that music and reminisce?” “I thought I should go like this, so I wanted to ask you,” he replied.

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