Celtic recruited by Oh Hyun-kyu, ‘Korean Marketing’ Start…

Celtic recruited by Oh Hyun-kyu, ‘Korean Marketing’ Start… ‘Korean Name’ Wallpaper distribution

Celtic, which recruited Oh Hyun-kyu, immediately started “Korean Marketing.” In commemoration of his recruitment, he even made and distributed Wallpaper.

Celtic announced the recruitment of Oh Hyun-kyu on the club’s official website on the 24th. “I’m happy to announce the recruitment of Oh Hyun-kyu,” Celtic said. “Oh Hyun-kyu will play for Celtic for five years.”

Oh Hyun-kyu

Oh Hyun-kyu, who played in the K League 1 as a Suwon Samsung striker last season, was active with the most goals in the team and the only double-digit score.

Ahead of the Qatar World Cup, he made his A-match debut against Iceland at the invitation of former head coach Paulo Bento. He is also not an official member, but he joined the Qatar World Cup finals as a reserve member.

Celtic always showed sincerity to Oh Hyunkyu, who blossomed his talent. He continued to send love calls during the transfer process, and nearly tripled the initial transfer fee from 1.5 billion won to Suwon.

Even after the transfer was confirmed, coach Enze Postecoglu said, “Oh Hyunkyu is a young and talented striker. He expressed his sincerity to the point where he said, “I really wanted to be a player because I thought he would fit the team well.”

Since then, Oh Hyunkyu has been welcomed by posting videos of joining the team, entering the training ground, and receiving training on SNS one after another.

Celtic not only produced and distributed wall paper exclusively for Oh Hyunkyu.

Celtic SNS released a piece of wall paper, saying, “Celtic fans, try to decorate your cell phone.” The photo shows Oh Hyunkyu wearing a Celtic uniform holding a white and green muffler, the club’s symbolic color. 파워볼실시간

It also features the back of the uniform with “OH” and back number 19 in English, Taegeukgi, “Oh Hyun-kyu” in Korean, and pointing to the team emblem, which stimulates fans’ hearts.

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