Comedian Huh Kyung-hwan said, “I want to make a pretty family…

Comedian Huh Kyung-hwan said, “I want to make a pretty family…””Should I freeze the pavilion?” [With a lucky charm]

Comedian Huh Kyung-hwan even took over the runway, drawing attention.

Comedian Huh Kyung-hwan appeared on the comprehensive programming channel TV Chosun’s “Bokchuggo (GO),” which aired on the 18th, and challenged himself as a fashion model with singers Kim Ho-joong and Song Ga-in.

Comedian Huh Kyung-hwan

Heo Kyung-hwan, who met with middle-aged senior models who are living the second half of his life, said, “It was no different from Seoul Fashion Week,” and when a father said that there was an electronic display in Apgujeong, he laughed, saying, “I haven’t been caught in Apgujeong yet.”

Heo Kyung-hwan then said, “I grew taller and changed my posture while trying to be a model,” and he was impressed by the runway demonstration of Kim Chil-doo, a role model for middle-aged people. Heo Kyung-hwan, who stood on the runway on the spot, not only showed a handsome expression, but also drew attention with eyes that seemed to melt his heart.

Since then, Heo Kyung-hwan, who has raised the mood with his witty talk on the runway of the song, has been a mood maker by skillfully continuing the process and enjoying the exciting stage of Kim Ho-joong and Song Ga-in together.

In particular, Heo Kyung-hwan was surprised by the stages that added unpredictable charm of middle-aged people, and showed off his experience by giving him a “lucky brother and sister chance” at the discretion of the MC in the absence of karaoke scores.

Meanwhile, comedian Huh Kyung-hwan said to Kim Ho-joong, who said he would sing at a super-luxury concert hall in his 60s, and when he asked, “Will you rent it for me?” he laughed, saying, “If I can walk there normally, if you’re 60, I’m 70.”

Also, comedian Huh Kyung-hwan said, “If I’m 60, I’ll make a pretty family.” He made people laugh with jokes such as, “Should I freeze it even if it’s cold?”

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