Comedian Kim Gu-ra said, “After the spokesperson, take off, I took

Comedian Kim Gu-ra said, “After the spokesperson, take off, I took off my clothes…”Let’s go to mirror therapy, losers.”

Comedian Kim Gu-ra expressed her thoughts on “truth.”

Comedian Kim Gu-ra

The fact-reporting variety MBN’s “World-Jinsang World (hereinafter referred to as “Jinsang World”)” released interviews with the cast ahead of its first broadcast at 10:20 p.m. on the 27th.

“Jinsang World” is a program that charges and tracks the truth through tip-off videos and listens to the victims’ voices. Along with MC Kim Gu-ra, lawyer Son Soo-ho and psychiatrist Park Jong-seok will be on the panel.

Comedian Kim Gu-ra said, “I participated in the program because I had a good intention to plan. He said, “I think I can remind you of the truth socially,” adding, “People who act in truth will be treated by looking at themselves like mirror treatment, and those who have suffered will be comforted.”

Lawyer Son Soo-ho said, “I almost rejected all offers to appear on the show, but I joined as soon as I heard the story because Jinsangwand’s theme and plan were fresh.”

Psychiatrist Park Jong-seok said, “These days, when anger and power abuse are rampant, there are many people who can’t sleep and sigh because they have nowhere to solve even after going through unfair things.” He expressed his ambition, saying, “I want to be sympathetic and comforting (for them).”

Kim Gu-ra said, “There were a lot of strange truths,” as she felt after watching the VCR of the truthful people. I thought, “Why on earth would he do that?” No matter how much he drank, he was speechless due to actions outside common sense, such as taking off his clothes and going to the bathroom. “I thought people in my country drank a lot,” he replied.

Son Soo-ho said, “I felt sorry and great at the same time when I saw the victims working silently even in dangerous situations. It’s not about others, it’s about family, friends, and ourselves,” he said.

When asked about what he expected through “Jinsang World,” Son Soo-ho said, “It would be nice to find Jin-sang and punish him, but there is a limit, and legal measures are limited and cost a lot of money and effort,” adding, “I hope the broadcast will let people know that Jin-sang is stupid and shameful, and even if you regret it.”

Meanwhile, Cho Chung-hyun, an announcer-turned-broadcaster who joined Detective Kim Soo-hwan as a “tracking team” to chase the truth outside the studio, conveyed a vivid atmosphere on the scene.

He said, “It was a pity that I tracked the facts myself. “It was heartbreaking to see the victim suffering from trauma even after a few years,” he said. “There have been all sorts of things as my house has been self-employed. Recently, I have also experienced “eat and run” customers who run away after eating, he said, sympathizing with the victims’ stories.

As a point to watch, Kim Gu-ra said, “Anger, empathy, and exhilaration.” “If you watch the true video, most viewers will feel angry, sympathize while listening to the victims, and feel refreshed in the corner where you go to meet the perpetrator,” he said.

Son Soo-ho recommended the viewing point, saying, “Kim Gu-ra’s point of blunt murder seems indifferent, but it is very sharp.”

Park Jong-seok cited the MC and the expert corps as the points to watch, saying, “They are experts in this field who met and consulted more than anyone else with the victims of the truth. “I hope you think of me as a friend who can get angry and curse with me,” he said, stressing that he will be a reliable helper for the victims.

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