“Convenience Restaurant” Lee Chan-won, cooking skills..

“Convenience Restaurant” Lee Chan-won, cooking skills similar to his father… There’s nothing I can’t do.

Lee Chan-won

Singer Lee Chan-won shows off his cooking skills.

In KBS2’s “New Release Convenience Restaurant” (“Pyeon Restaurant”), which will air on the 6th,  Chan-won, the son of the people, will challenge to make the legendary “Rice Thief” side dish.

In the VCR released on the same day, Lee Chan-won sat on the floor of the living room and trimmed the piles of dry anchovies. Lee Chan-won, who said, “There are many events tomorrow,” and is busier than ever these days, sang a labor song alone and skillfully removed the anchovy intestines, which gave a big laugh. The reason why Lee Chan-won worked so hard to trim the anchovies is anchovy pepper, which is called the legendary rice thief.It was to make a luggage.

In addition to anchovies, Lee Chan-won carefully prepared ingredients such as three kinds of peppers. Next, it’s a delicious anchovy pepper in its own way.I made a luggage. Anchovy red pepper paste is a “rice thief” that makes a bowl of rice empty quickly with this, and you can make it very easily from banquet noodles to anchovy kimbap. It’s anchovy red pepper that I made myself.Lee Chan-won, who tasted the luggage, could not hide his admiration.

Next, Lee Chan Won is another anchovy pepper in the refrigerator.I took out my luggage. This was made by Lee Chan-won’s father not long ago, and the color is different from that of  Chan-won, which stimulated curiosity.  Chan-won seriously tasted it, saying, “I should try my father’s, too.” In other words, there was an impromptu confrontation between the rich who loved cooking.  Chan-won, who usually resembles his father’s cooking DNA, is excitedly saying that he is his father’sI tasted the luggage.

On the other hand, it is rumored that Lee Chan-won’s sudden slapstick comedy poured out while trimming anchovies, causing laughter. He said he had a cramp in his leg because he had been trimming anchovies in one position for a long time. At this time, it is known that  Chan-won showed a savory reaction that did not match his age, so I am even more curious.

KBS2’s “New Release Convenience Restaurant” will air at 8:30 p.m. on the 6th.

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