Director Conte? I met the ‘prerequisites’…I’m leaving

Director Conte? I met the ‘prerequisites’…I’m leaving on loan for the rest of the season.

Tottenham Hotspur striker Brian Hill (21) will leave on loan for the rest of the season. At the request of coach Antonio Conte (53, Italy), there was a “prerequisite” that he could transfer only when new offensive resources were recruited, and his transfer was recently approved with the addition of Arnaut Danzuma (25).

Director Conte

European football transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano said on social media on the 29th, “Hill is getting closer to leaving for Seville on loan,” adding, “It is on loan until June, and there is no full transfer option.” “I’ll be back after the season,” he said with the unique phrase “Here We Go!”

Hill was excluded from Conte’s plan throughout the season, and had a hard time keeping the bench all the time, falling behind in the main competition with prominent competitors. He played only six official games until last month after the opening, even though he had no actual injury or reason to miss. Even that, he stepped on the ground only as a substitute. The average playing time per game was only 12.3 minutes.

However, since the end of last month, the main strikers have been out due to injuries and have received a chance to play. As of the official match, he started the last three consecutive games. In particular, he was named in the starting lineup for the first time in the English Premier League (EPL) since joining Tottenham in the summer of 2021. In the process, he showed a good performance with one assist, and even received a request from Conte to “remain,” resulting in a change in his position.

Hill, however, was pushed back to the bench in line with the return of Dejan Kulusevsky (22) and Hishalisson (25) from injuries. In fact, he played only one game in the last three official games, and even that went into the end of the second half and played about five minutes. In the end, he decided to leave in search of playing time as it was a time of growth.

However, Hill offered a “prerequisite” that he would approve the transfer only when he recruited a new striker because he wanted to maintain a certain number in the attacking position. As a result, the transfer could have been canceled, but it was confirmed that he would join Sevilla five days ago as Danjuma joined. 사설토토

Hill has grown up in Seville’s youth team since 2012 and even made his professional debut in 2019. Since then, he has been on loan and has challenged the EPL stage while wearing Tottenham’s uniform in the summer of 2021. Earlier in January last year, he left for a six-month short-term lease to Valencia.

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