DKZ Completes First Fan Concert ‘Welcome to DTU’…

DKZ Completes First Fan Concert ‘Welcome to DTU’…”Time spent with fans is not wasted”.


DKZ successfully completed its first fan concert.

DKZ held its first fan concert “Welcome to DTU” from the 14th to the 15th. It was the first fan concert in four years, and I made precious memories with my fans.

First, DKZ expressed their feelings about the first concert. “Thank you for showing that the time I spent with Ari (fandom names) was not wasted,” he said.

DKZ performed the title song medley. He performed “Love Thief,” “Universe,” “Horn on the Ugly Calf’s Butt,” and “Fever” with cool live performances. It was a refreshing performance.

It also unveiled a performance with wild charms. He sang “Lupin” and “Tiger Is Following You” enthusiastically. He dominated the stage with a powerful group dance under the intense sound.

He also prepared solo and unit performances for fans. Se-hyun, Mingyu, and Jong-hyung boasted a creepy live performance with “All-Gong Nalari.” Kyung-yoon, Jae-chan, and Ki-seok presented a groovy rhythm of Myo.

DKZ shed tears as he expressed his affection for his fans. Jong-hyung said, “I don’t think I’m doing well as a leader. “It was possible because the members helped me,” he said.

Lastly, the members said, “It was one of the days I looked forward to after our debut,” and “Thank you for making me feel that many people love us once again.”

Meanwhile, DKZ will continue its growth narrative through its new album.

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