“Dolsing 3” Byun Hye-jin stops rock climbing, “The sound of..

“Dolsing 3” Byun Hye-jin stops rock climbing, “The sound of tapping my shoulders, I don’t have strength.”

Byun Hye-jin, a cast member of “Dol Singles 3,” revealed why she had no choice but to stop climbing.

Byun Hye-jin posted on her Instagram on the 17th, “One day in August. There was a problem when I forced myself to climb. I shrank from fear in the middle. I reached out my hand and heard a tapping sound from my shoulders. I couldn’t come down. I just took a deep breath and climbed slowly. I came down and cried. “The fear at that time is still clear,” he wrote.

Byun Hye-jin

“I suffered from shoulder pain after that. I gave up because I couldn’t do it at all. When I was working hard for a long time, I lost my way due to injury. So I climbed the mountain again by walking. I also found the reason for the weekend. He confessed that he changed his life, which was always a weekend climb, into friends and family.

“I only saw one thing,” he said. “I remember being advised to do everything in moderation.” That’s when I knew what it meant. Climbing is a very happy and good hobby, but it takes a lot of time and effort. “The thought of wanting to climb faster and better ruins my body,” he said.

He added, “There was no place where my hands, arms, and legs were healthy, and my shoulders are still uncomfortable for more than half a year.”

Meanwhile, Byun Hye-jin appeared on MBN and ENA entertainment programs ‘Doll Singles 3’.

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