Drama agency Kim Daegon.Lee Boyoung is perfect…

Drama agency Kim Daegon.Lee Boyoung is perfect…The shamelessness that can’t be hated is attractive.


Actor Kim Dae-gon caught the eyes of viewers at once as Kwon Woo-chul’s CD in JTBC’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Agent.”

Kim Dae-gon made a strong impression from his first appearance by playing the role of Kwon Woo-chul CD in the first and second episodes of JTBC’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Agent,” which first aired on the 7th. He appeared as a key figure raising dramatic tension, expressing the character’s emotional line as it is, doubling the viewer’s immersion.

The new Saturday-Sunday drama “Agent” is a battle drama of elegantly desperate advertisers that depicts Go Ah-in (Lee Bo-young), who became the first female executive of the VC group, making her career beyond the first to the best position.

Kwon Woo-chul, who Kim Dae-gon plays in the drama, is the Creative Director, who is in charge of directing the advertising production team. They are fiercely competing with orphans who are ranked No. 1 in the PT success rate, forming a chemistry that roars at everything. Kwon Woo-chul is a thorough career-oriented person who does everything he can to beat orphans who do it perfectly no matter what is given. However, as there is a reason why he is the second-in-command in terms of skills and senses, he is also a charming shameless man who can never be hated because he is somewhat sloppy and dirty.

In addition, Kim Dae-gon showed off his perfect chemistry that induces both tension and curiosity in the confrontation scene against actor Lee Bo-young, raising expectations for the chemistry to be amplified in the future. Kim Dae-gon drew favorable reviews from viewers with his passionate performance that increased immersion by forming a tense atmosphere every time he appeared as Kwon CD.

As such, Kim Dae-gon succeeded in drawing attention from viewers with his seasoned acting skills that portrayed detailed character character characteristics of Kwon Woo-chul, an advertisement pursuing success and success. Kwon Woo-chul’s power, which will be expressed as a mask with strong personality in Kim Dae-gon’s acting skills, is ready to hard carry the charm of the work.

Until now, Kim Dae-gon has built strong acting skills by going back and forth in various genres such as drama “Life on Mars,” “Hi Bye, Mama!” “Drama Stage 2021 – Lucky,” “Shooting Star,” musical “Audition,” “Love Actually,” “Laundry,” plays “Reporting Guidelines” and “Art.”

Kim Dae-gon, who predicted his performance with his strong personality in “The Agency,” also appeared in the currently performing creative musical “Misoo,” and is also meeting with the audience as Sejo.

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