Following Bae Sung-jae and Park Jihoon…Sloppy “Save in my…

Following Bae Sung-jae and Park Jihoon…Sloppy “Save in my heart”. [Shocking chart]

Bae Sung-jae

Bae Sung-jae of the “Shocking Chart” copies Park Ji-hoon’s famous scene.

MBC Everyone’s entertainment program “Shocking Chart,” which will air on the 9th, will unveil a chart under the theme of “Save in My Memory.” It will introduce various events solved by memory stored in electronic devices, such as smartphone text messages and computer search records, and will cause shock and anger from viewers.

In the recent recording, Bae Sung-jae took a witty move in the process of introducing the theme of the broadcast, “Save in My Memory.” It’s a parody of Park Ji-hoon’s “Save in My Heart” on Mnet’s audition program “Produce 101.” Due to Bae Sung-jae’s sloppy and rigid pose, Lee Seung-guk and Lalal burst into laughter. He then scolded, “Is it something to do (the pose) so hard?”

On the other hand, in the broadcast on this day, events were reported that records stored in electronic device memories such as computers and mobile phones became decisive clues. Bae Sung-jae, who finished the recording, recalled the efforts of those who wanted to catch the culprit even through memory, saying, “Even if there was a record left in the memory, if there was no one who wanted to reveal the truth in the end.”

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