“Gil Eun Ji” Lee Eun Ji, will you turn into a hunting girl this time?

“Gil Eun Ji” Lee Eun Ji, will you turn into a hunting girl this time?

Lee Eun Ji

Lee Eun-ji is returning as a “hunting girl.”

SLL’s new web entertainment program “Hunting Girl,” which will be released on the 13th, is a program where comedian Lee Eun-ji finds the ideal types of soloists who want to hunt in hot places where MZ generations go a lot these days and hunts them on the same day. Eun-ji said, “I want to show them how they play and connect each other,” revealing the reason for joining the program.

The first episode was held at Apgujeong Rodeo.Eun-ji will wear a hunting girl look such as angel wings and start hunting in earnest with a special production business card called “Ideal Day Hunting.” Like a hunting girl, Eun-ji drank the opening drink and went out to find a hot place. While having a good time dancing in the atmosphere, he found a woman who wanted to hunt and started looking for a man to go on a blind date based on her ideal type.

Through the program, you can also get a variety of information such as hunting comments and where hot places are selected by the MZ generation these days. It is expected that Lee Eun-ji will be able to succeed in hunting, and will be full of excitement to check the two’s inner feelings whether she will be able to meet the blind date process and whether she likes the person she met.

Meanwhile, the new “Hunting Girl” on SLL is released every Friday at 5 p.m. on the YouTube “Studio Lululala DiLab” channel.

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