Go beyond my record for Abduljava’s message to LeBron

Go beyond my record for Abduljava’s message to LeBron


Karim Abdulzaba, the No. 1 scorer in his career, left a message cheering for LeBron James.

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers is continuing his great journey this season. He is aiming for the top spot in the career scoring record.

As of January 2 in Korean time, LeBron has a career-high 37,860 points in the regular season. This is the second-highest record in NBA history.

No. 1 Karim Abdulzaba’s record of 38,387 points is now only 527. Considering LeBron’s current pace, he is likely to beat Abduljava within this season unless he has a major injury and a long-term absence.

While attention is focused on achieving LeBron’s historic record, Ahn Abdulzaba, the current No. 1 record’s main character, recently drew attention by sending a message cheering for LeBron.

Abduljava tweeted on December 30, the 38th birthday of LeBron, saying, “Happy birthday, LeBron. 38 means the new 38,388.

38,388 is a scoring record LeBron has to reach to surpass Abduljava’s record. In other words, Abduljava sent LeBron a birthday message, cheering for LeBron’s upcoming milestone.

ESPN predicted through data analysis that LeBron would surpass Abdulzaba’s record in early February today, just before the All-Star break. Abduljava reached a career high of 38,387 points in April 1984. It was eight months before LeBron was born.

As ESPN predicted, if LeBron writes a new record in February, the main character of the NBA’s top scorer will change for the first time in 38 years and 10 months.

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