Han Hye-jin review of the first taste of the spicy chicken ramen..

Han Hye-jin review of the first taste of the spicy chicken ramen, “It’s a taste that can’t be overcome.”

Model Han Hye-jin released a review of a combination of convenience store foods.

Han Hye-jin

On the 20th, Han Hye-jin posted a video titled “Han Hye-jin High-calorie Eating Show,” which is her first time eating spicy chicken noodles, through her YouTube channel “Hye-jin.”

“I starved for 14 hours to do this content today, and I also booked a gym two hours later,” said Han Hedjin in the video. Not long ago, I prepared it because I wanted to eat convenience store food while watching cartoons,” he said, revealing a menu with hotteok burger, fish cake chip, carbonated chicken noodle set, Oreo cake, and pine needle liquor.

On this day, Hye-jin carefully checked the nutritional content table and calories by manufacturing the food according to the recipe. He says, “It’s going to be delicious,” while tasting all the foods.

While Han Hye-jin’s reviews are mixed depending on the food, comments on the carbonated chicken noodle set are drawing attention. He said, “It’s too salty. It’s an insurmountable taste. It’s the saltiest food I’ve eaten this year,” he says. Hye-jin then said, “If I were a middle school student, I think this taste would have been delicious,” adding, “The taste is all sharp.” Sweet, salty, and greasy flavors are all strong,” he said.

Meanwhile, Han Hye-jin is currently active in Channel A entertainment program “Living Together, Not Marriage.”

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