How to turn the angry fan-like baseball player Choo Shin-soo?

How to turn the angry fan-like baseball player Choo Shin-soo?Can it be over if I answer with baseball?

How will Choo Shin-soo (SSG), a baseball player, change his angry fan sentiment?

Controversy over the remarks made by baseball player Choo Shin-soo on the Korean radio program DKNET in Dallas, Texas, on the 21st is not easily subsided. All of the comments on Ahn Woo-jin (Raising), the argument that more young players should have been selected, and the criticism that seniors are not playing the role of seniors are all not sympathetic.

baseball player Choo Shin-soo

Choo Shin-soo has been silent since the controversy broke out. He honestly confessed his opinions on the national team, but he seems to have only confirmed the reality that there is a wide gap with fans’ thoughts. The problem is that not only fans but also some industry officials are showing signs of discomfort.

Baseball player Choo Shin-soo has been a favorable image in Korea. He’s actually a good baseball senior. He has done a lot of good things for his juniors and has shown respectable moves. However, he misunderstood something about the national team and could not understand the national sentiment.

Then, how will Choo Shin-soo change the angry public sentiment? Whether it is personally or through SSG’s public relations team, it seems necessary to explain or at least take steps to express regret over what the program said. This is because the repercussions of the remarks are too great.

Sports fans no longer want to just cover up on non-ground negative issues, social norms, moral and legal issues. As soon as it was clearly revealed that it was wrong, the attitude of “I will repay you with baseball” is the worst. For Choo Shin-soo, if you think fans are misunderstanding, it is better to actively correct them.

In particular, it is most important to clarify the absence of the 2013 WBC, which has not been mentioned at all. According to the KBO’s press release on December 27, 2012, Choo refused to join the national team, citing his adaptation to the new team (Cincinnati Reds). Unlike the 2017 WBC, it was not an injury issue. If adapting to the new team was more important than the weight of the Taegeuk mark, explain the background to the fans.

Choo Shin-soo is a good baseball senior. In the meantime, I have done many good things for SSG and Korean baseball and Korean baseball. He donated a lot and gave a big gift in consideration of the spending of second-tier players. Another thing to point out at this point is that the incident should not disparage Choo Shin-soo’s good things. There is nothing to say even if the remarks related to the national team are criticized on the broadcast. Choo can apologize or explain this to his fans.

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