“I think Yeo Jin-gu has an old man in his 80s inside his..

“I think Yeo Jin-gu has an old man in his 80s inside his body” (“Ticketing with Hair”)

Yeo Jin-gu

Choi Min-ho and Yeo Jin-gu, the youngest line of “Send a Trip Dream Team,” will be active in all directions, heralding a different charm from the older line.

“Passionate Boy” Choi Min-ho and “Golden Youngest” Yeo Jin-gu will give extraordinary vitality by showing their straight sides in charge of the team’s brain, infinite physical strength, and lovable charm in the original TVing ticketing, which will be unveiled for the first time at 4 p.m. on Friday,

Earlier, actors Jungwoo Ha and Joo Ji-hoon heralded an unexpected charm with clumsy and girlish appearances that are quite different from the image of Korea’s representative charismatic actors. Contrary to the older line, which has a soft sensibility (?) to the younger line, Choi Min-ho and Yeo Jin-gu become indispensable treasures in the team.

First of all, Choi Min-ho, who predicted the passion of “more than flame charisma,” is in charge of positive energy that makes you feel energized when you are together. To be like a nutritional tonic for a team that encourages fighting so that the hard journey doesn’t get tired. Yeo Jin-gu said, “Min-ho was a hotter brother than I thought.” “I was in awe,” he said, expressing his feelings about Choi Min-ho’s positive energy. Choi Min-ho, who has always shown passion and spirit worthy of the modifier, is curious about what more energy he will show in “Ticketing with Hair.”

In response, Choi Min-ho said, “In <Ticketing with Hair>, I think I will show myself as a helper for the older brothers (laughs). “I was embarrassed because both of the older brothers were not familiar with entertainment shows, but both of them were so funny that I tried to help them see these parts well,” he said. Choi Min-ho’s charm, which will help entertainment novice Jungwoo Ha and Joo Ji-hoon become the engine of “Send a Trip Dream,” excites fans.

On the other hand, Yeo Jin-gu, who was in charge of communication within the team with fluent English skills in the highlight video, is also drawing attention. It is called “Al-use Jin-gu,” which is useless if you know it, and it will show a variety of charms that come and go between the youngest and the mature.

Joo Ji-hoon said, “Jingu is nicknamed ‘Yeo-jin.’ “Our 27-year-old Yeo-jin is attractive enough to think that there is an old man in his 80s inside,” he said. Jungwoo Ha Also, “Jingu is like a rock. have a heavy touch He’s the youngest, but sometimes he’s older than me,” he said. Choi Min-ho also said, “You were really reliable. He was younger than me, but there were many parts that were deep and cool. “I was able to learn and grow while traveling together,” he said, expressing his gratitude, “I’m already looking forward to the performance of “Golden Youngest” Yeo Jin-gu. Finally, Choi Min-ho raised expectations by citing four chemistry adaptations and an unbeatable ticket fight with the production team as the viewing points.

As such, interest in “Ticketing with Hair” is growing in the struggle of the four actors who will portray a meaningful journey together in New Zealand’s Mother Nature.

Meanwhile, <Ticketing with Hair> is a full-fledged proxy trip in which Jungwoo Ha, Joo Ji-hoon, Choi Min-ho, and Yeo Jin-gu are struggling to send more young people on a trip, and the first and second episodes will be released at the same time. In addition, the first episode of “Ticketing with Hair” can be found free of charge on YouTube and Naver TV platforms, including the TVING app.

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