I’m a solo artist, Jung-sook. Rumors of a breakup?The story of..

I’m a solo artist, Jung-sook. Rumors of a breakup?The story of “boyfriend” who disappeared after being active.

Suspicions have been raised that Jung-sook (a pseudonym), a 10th-term soloist, may have broken up with her boyfriend.


Jung-sook has shared her sweet and simple daily life with her boyfriend through SNS. He led many people’s response with his honest relationship, posting pictures of him kissing his boyfriend and enjoying late-night snacks.

Especially at the end of the year, “As a Christmas gift and the last day of 2022, my boyfriend gave me a rattle bracelet as a gift and I gave it as a ring.” It came out so pretty. It’s meaningful and I’m proud.~^^” posted a proof shot of the gift, showing off a sweet relationship.

However, Jung-sook recently erased all traces of her boyfriend. The year-end post also said, “It came out so pretty as a Christmas gift and the last day of 2022. It’s meaningful and I’m proud.^^” has been changed to the content, and only the story of the boyfriend has been deleted.

Meanwhile, Jung-sook participated as a 10th cast member of I’m Solo and drew a love line with male cast members Sang-chul and Young-soo, but gave up her final choice. Jung-sook drew attention by revealing that she is a 5 billion wealthy person with several jobs, including real estate auction, 23 years of hairdresser, and running a gopchang restaurant.

SBS Plus and ENA PLAY entertainment show “I’m Solo” is a hyperrealistic dating program in which solo men and women who desperately want to get married gather and struggle to find love. The 10th episode was decorated with a dolsing special.

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