I’m the 12th SOLO artist. Who is it? Sly hands!

I’m the 12th SOLO artist. Who is it? Sly hands!


In I’m SOLO (I’m Solo), a “maternal solo straight man” appears, breaking expectations and going straight like fire.

The real dating program “I’m SOLO” of ENA and SBS PLUS, which airs on the 11th, depicts a twist of 12th solo men who turn from single to straight-forward.

On this day, Han Sol-nam said to the solo woman who captured her heart, “OO’s comment was sweeter. It is the best honey among honey,” he said, appealing, “It felt like the first love of the people.” MC Defconn was like, “Go straight to bulldozer” that exceeded expectations.Are you sure you’ve never been single birth? The first love of the people is a card that men don’t easily take out,” he admires, causing a “pupils expansion.” On top of that, Lee Sol-nam skillfully operates his manners to a single girl who gets out of the car, demonstrating “mother-to-mother manners” that cannot be believed to be a single.

Another solo man also said, “I actually have a heart, but I wasn’t sure if I would see myself as a man. “I wanted to be sure,” he said, expressing strong feelings for a solo girl who was with him on a date. After a deep conversation, he said, “I keep getting confident. It was totally attractive to me. “I’ll give you some confidence,” he confesses honestly.

In the end, Lee Solonam opens his annual salary without hesitation, making even a solo girl and 3MC “shut up.” “I’m going to earn more than this anyway,” he said after revealing his annual salary in detail. People are curious about who the “mother-born single men” will be, breaking the prejudice that they will be careful about their mother-born single men will go straight without hesitation.

Meanwhile, “I’m SOLO`S ” which aired on the 4th, recorded an average audience rating of 4.85% (the combined number of paid broadcasting households ENA and SBS PLUS in the metropolitan area), and the highest viewer rating per minute soared to 5.18%. It also ranked fifth in the fifth week of December’s “Non-Drama TV Top 10,” compiled by Good Data Corporation, proving its explosive popularity every week.

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