It’s a cure for schizophrenia…Yeo Esther said….

It’s a cure for schizophrenia…Yeo Esther said, “I’ve been treated for electrical cramps 18 times.” Why?

Yeo Esther

Dr. Yeo Esther, a family medicine specialist, shared the secret to not being stressed.

Dr. Yeo Esther said in a video posted on YouTube on the 16th that she is managing stress with antidepressants.

After hearing a subscriber’s story that he is usually sensitive and depressed, Dr. Yeo Esther said, “Being sensitive is just a natural personality,” but diagnosed, “I think being depressed and in a bad mood all day is a time when hormones that make me happy are decreasing regardless of my simple personality.”

He recommended subscribers to ▲ see the sun and exercise ▲ get proper nutrition ▲ get help from drugs.

“My husband and I are taking an antidepressant called Lexapro. My husband has no depression at all. However, he became stubborn about two to three years ago. So I took it through consultation with my young master, a psychiatrist, he said.

Dr. Yeo Esther said his father-in-law also took a small dose of antidepressants from the age of 80. Small amounts of antidepressants have no side effects in the brain and improve the quality of life by reducing stubbornness and irritation, he said. “I have also been taking them since two to three years ago because my husband asked me to eat them if I want to live well.” “I also have depression, so I’m taking medicine for depression,” he recommended.

Dr. Yeo Esther also said that he had received Electrical Convulsion Treatment (ECT), a treatment for schizophrenic patients, in the past.

He said, “When I see the scene in the movie where my hands and feet are tied and electric shock is given to my head, many people have negative thoughts about electrical spasms treatment. “I was hospitalized in a university hospital and received electrical spasms treatment,” he said.

“I wanted to reduce the capacity of the drug, and I thought I should fundamentally treat my brain as the company and children’s problems stabilized,” he said. “These days, technology has developed more than before.” It is said that it breaks or blood vessels in the brain rupture, but it is not true. “I have a cerebral aneurysm, and I have received it 18 times,” he explained.

He also mentioned the shortcomings of electroconvulsive therapy. He said, “The disadvantage is that I don’t have any memories for the last six to eight months, which comes back over time. Unlike drugs, this treatment plays a role in changing the mechanism of the brain that is fundamentally damaged or wrong for bipolar disorder,” he said.

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