Jin Ki-joo and FLNT continue their relationship…”Confirm..

Jin Ki-joo and FLNT continue their relationship…”Confirm your strong faith”.

Jin Ki-joo

Jin Ki-joo will continue her strong relationship by renewing her contract with her current agency FLENT.

“We are very happy to sign a contract once again based on trust in each other,” the agency FLENT said. “We will do our best to expand and shine the unique identity of actor Jin Ki-joo based on our long-standing faith.”

Jin Ki-joo is considered a popular actress for her clear and clean image and refreshing and pure charm. In particular, Jin Ki-joo’s sophisticated and intelligent image is revealed through various activities and is also in the spotlight as an urban visual.

Jin Ki-joo, who debuted in 2015 with the drama “Second 20 Years Old,” said, “Wednesday at 3:30 p.m., “Misty,” “Come and Hug Me,” “I Love You When We Met For The First Time,” and “Oh! He has firmly established himself as a popular actor who believes and watches a wide spectrum of acting in numerous dramas and movies, including ‘Samgwang Villa!’ ‘Now, Showtime!’ ‘Little Forest’ and ‘Midnight.’

This year, he will meet viewers as the heroine on KBS’s “Somehow, You,” which deals with the strange and beautiful time travel of two men and women trapped in 1987. Although he once hoped for the life of a writer, he will appear as Baek Yoon-young, a modern ordinary office worker who feels extreme anxiety in a place without Wi-Fi due to realistic society, showing his lovely charm with comfortable and unique acting skills.

Meanwhile, FLENT, which renewed its contract with Jin Ki-joo, includes actors who are performing unique roles on various stages such as dramas, movies and plays, including Kim Ki-bang, Kim Dae-gon, Kim Jung-joo, and Shin Yong-seok.

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