KBS “No temporary suspension of Wednesday-Thursday..

KBS “No temporary suspension of Wednesday-Thursday drama, occasional programming” [Official]


KBS has decided to organize Wednesday and Thursday dramas from time to time, not temporarily suspended.

According to a KBS official on the 6th, KBS 2TV’s Wednesday and Thursday dramas will be organized from time to time this year.

KBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama has not been organized since the end of “The Real Sword Competition” on November 10 last year. Subsequently, eight one-act dramas “2022 KBS Drama Special” and two TV Cinema films were organized in the Wednesday-Thursday drama line. Since then, KBS has organized “Somehow, You” as a Wednesday-Thursday drama in the first half of 2023. Other works have not been organized.

In the midst of this, KB-S has decided to move the program “I Happened to Meet You” to a Monday-Tuesday drama. The timing of the formation has not been confirmed. Currently, KB-S 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama lineup for the first half of the year is “Brain Cooperation” and “Oasis.” “Brain Cooperation” first aired on the 2nd, and “Oasis” is scheduled to air in March.

Some said it was a “temporary suspension” at a time when the KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama was changed and the program was not confirmed. In response, a KB-S official said, “It is not a temporary suspension, but an occasional programming.” “There will be a change in the composition to select competitive works in the future,” he said. “If there is a work with workability, buzz, and competitiveness, we will organize it into a Wednesday-Thursday drama.”

Attention is focusing on what kind of work KB-S will show to viewers in the future.

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