Kim Chanho “Missing 2” OST “Nowhere”.

Kim Chanho “Missing 2” OST “Nowhere”.

Kim Chanho

Singer Kim Chan-ho was in the tvN drama “Missing: They Were There.”He will participate as the fourth runner of the OST of ‘2’ (Missing 2).

Most Content, a music distributor, announced on the same day that the OST part of “Missing 2” involving Kim Chan-ho will be released on the music site at 12 p.m. on the 17th.

Kim Chan-ho’s “Now is the time” is an OST that depicts the story of Oh Il-yong (Kim Dong-hwi), a special deceased who goes back and forth between the world of the living, out of the boundary in “Missing 2,” which is creating tension in anticipation of a crisis that will hit the Soul Village 3 Industrial Complex following Kim Wook (Master).

Only Now’ combines the soft piano melody and the string sound added to the second half to add a dreamy atmosphere. Kim Chan-ho’s appealing voice and lyrics containing a wish that will not be forgotten over time leave a deep lingering impression.

Composers Kim Moo-hwan, Seo Byung-soo, Bae Ji-cheol, and Si-woo collaborated on the OST “Missing 2” to raise the level of perfection of the song.

Kim Chan-ho is a singer who debuted as the ballad group “Midder.” Since then, he has established his position as a solo singer by obtaining the modifier “voice these days” with “It was spring” and “Some days, when that happens.” With the recently released “Missing Night,” realistic lyrics that contain emotions after the breakup stimulated listeners’ sympathy.

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