Kim Hee-ra blonde short cut extraordinary transformation!

Kim Hee-ra blonde short cut extraordinary transformation! The Glory’ Song Hye-kyo’s drug addict, Is this right?

Kim Hee-ra

Actress Kim Hi-ra drew attention with her extraordinary hairstyle transformation.

Kim Hee-ra said on the 3rd, “I’m happy to sing on stage for the first time in two years thanks to director Eunkyung.” She was more excited than I was, so she prepared a lot of clothes. She said, “It’s been a long time since I had full makeup on, so my sister who puts on a lot of makeup is all my family.”

At the same time, he released a photo of him transforming into a blonde short cut, drawing attention. In the picture, Kim Hee-ra has a short blonde hair style and poses in the mirror.

The colorful hairstyle is attracting admiration because it goes well with his colorful visuals. Judging from the words he left, Kim Hi-ra is believed to have made a drastic transformation to go on stage at the “Link Festa: Shin Eun-kyung Concert” held at the Link Art Center Payco Hall in Daehak-ro, Seoul on the 2nd.

In the recently released Netflix original series “The Glory,” Kim Hee-ra was enthusiastic and acclaimed for her role as Isara, one of the school violence perpetrators who bullied Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo). Isara is a pastor’s daughter and painter, and is a drug addict.

In addition, Kim Hi-ra also appeared in “The People of the Korea Meteorological Administration: In-house Love Cruelty,” “Weird Lawyer Woo Young-woo,” and “The Real Sword Competition” last year, showing impressive performances.

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