Kim Jun-ho, Lee Sang-min, are you distracted by the…

Kim Jun-ho, Lee Sang-min, are you distracted by the ‘non-defense’ fart attack…”There’s no Sandodeok.” (“My Little Old Boy”)

Kim Jun-ho

“My Little Old Boy” Kim Jun-ho complains about Lee Sang-min’s fart baptism.

In SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” (hereinafter referred to as “My Little Old Boy”), which aired on the 8th, Kim Joon-ho followed last week and began to conquer Jirisan Mountain 1,915m above sea level with Lee Sang-min and mountaineer Um Hong-gil.

Kim Jun-ho, who rested and filled his stomach, said, “I’ll show you what a mountaineer is. I said, “I burned my will once again. However, he had a hard time expressing his innermost thoughts, saying, “I’m tired of the stairs that I can’t see the end soon.”

When Kim Jun-ho heard that he had fallen off a cliff and broke his ankle during Captain Eom Hong-gil’s hike, he quickly became solemn and began climbing the stairs again.

On the other hand, Kim Jun-ho showed off his sense of entertainment with his witty talk despite his difficulties. He was angry at Lee Sang-min’s continuous fart baptism, and gave laughter to the people around him with the new word, “There is no Sandodeok.”

Kim Jun-ho also boasted an unexpected bromance while bickering with Lee Sang-min for a long time. He had to send Lee Sang-min and Um Hong-gil first due to his rapidly falling physical strength, and at this time, Lee Sang-min came down to where he was and produced a heartwarming scene of pushing his back.

Nevertheless, Kim Jun-ho’s tired-looking impression was not expected to unfold, and when he saw a shelter in front of him, he suddenly lied down on his back, saying, “Let’s take a rest.” He said, “Oh, my mother!” and showed a niche gag, saying, “This must be the Nine Hundred Kings Bongjeong,” over the mental line, suffering from depression.

Captain Um Hong-gil advised Kim Joon-ho that it would be less difficult if he held the climbing stick well, and when Lee Sang-min scolded him for listening to the captain, he said, “Are you playing “My Little Old Boy” if we listened?It made me laugh with a self-fact bombing. He had several difficulties, but he succeeded in completing the Cheonwangbong Peak after the crisis and enjoyed the joy. However, it was also difficult to descend the mountain for a while. They shouted for a ride while looking at a passing helicopter, and they shouted anxiously for the two because they were much older than Captain Eom and Lee Sang-min, but they expressed their disappointment by talking to themselves when they didn’t return.

After perseverance and patience, Kim Joon-ho finally achieved the feat of completing Cheonwangbong Peak in 11 hours and 30 minutes. Having to come down alone until the end, he expressed his sadness as soon as he saw Um Hong-gil and Lee Sang-min.

As such, Kim Jun-ho greeted the New Year by completing the difficult challenge of conquering Jirisan Mountain to the end, and among them, he gave viewers a big laugh with his unique humor.

Meanwhile, SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” airs every Sunday at 9:05 p.m.

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