Kim Seong-oh, “Impact King”. [Unlocks the owner]

Kim Seong-oh, “Impact King”. [Unlocks the owner]

Kim Seong-oh

Actor Kim Sung-oh impressed viewers.

In the ENA Wednesday-Thursday drama “Unlocking the Boss,” which aired on the 4th and 5th, Mafi (Kim Sung-oh) was depicted not trying to save the comatose shipowner (Park Sung-woong).

On this day, Mafi headed to the hospital without delay with the news of the discovery of the shipowner lying in the mental hospital, and went to the hospital in person, but he lost it right in front of his nose and swallowed his anger. He then pressed the hospital director Jong-baek (Lim Hyun-sung) about the whereabouts of the shipowner, but Mafi, who could not get an answer, set up a strategy and stole Se-yeon (Seo Eun-soo) and the hospital pass.

Mafia practiced smiling awkwardly to show Min-ah (Ki So-yu) a warmer side, drawing laughter. When Min-ah, who disappeared, was seen being scolded by the supermarket owner, she was furious and replaced her parents’ vacancy.

Mafi, who saw Min-ah crying because she missed her father, Seon-ju, visited Jong-baek with a face full of compassion and spite, and persistently searched with the list of hospitals she had taken away by threats. Mafi, who stole the shipowner he found in that way, faced a group of Wije (Bang Joo-hwan), continuing a life-threatening fight, causing tension in his hands.

Kim Seong-oh is said to have painted a character named Mafi in three dimensions with acting that coexists cold and warm.

The agency Ghost Studio said, “Kim Sung-oh, who takes attention from every work and every scene and performs a passionate performance that remains in his mind, also left a strong impact in ‘Unlock the Boss’.” In addition, he said, “By creating a living character with the charm of raw things, the completeness of the drama and the fun of watching it are enhanced.”

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