Kim Soo-min even had a procedure due to the aftereffects..

Kim Soo-min even had a procedure due to the aftereffects of a Caesarean section.I sobbed with grief

Kim Soo-min

Kim Soo-min, an announcer-turned-broadcast, confessed the aftereffects of a Caesarean section.

The YouTube channel Sumanggu recently posted a video titled “The Last Vlog of 2022 after the birth vlog 2/2 C-section.”

The video showed Kim Soo-min recovering after a cesarean section. Kim Soo-min, who had been struggling with headaches and swelling since the next night, struggled to eat with the fish applied by his groom, causing regret.

Kim Soo-min said, “It’s the third day of surgery, but why am I not okay? “People said they could do it without a husband from the third day,” he said. Upon hearing this, the husband said, “On the first and second days, I moved relatively more than others. “It feels like the pain is coming late,” he worried.

Kim Soo-min said he had received a blood patch procedure due to a headache caused by the outflow of cerebrospinal fluid due to side effects of lower body anesthesia.  Soo-min sobbed, saying, “It was the fourth day of the C-section, and I was sad that the recovery was not over.”

Soo-min finished visiting the child with red eyes, and realized the greatness of childbirth, saying that giving birth is a great thing.

As you can see from the academic background section of announcer Kim Soo-min, the original career path was art. However, it is said that he decided his career as an announcer by recalling his teacher’s advice to be a reporter or announcer when he was a middle and high school student. an interview article

In June 2021, he submitted his resignation to SBS and resigned. The reason for leaving the company is to concentrate on one’s studies.

After leaving the company, he posted a Vlog on his YouTube channel to share his recent status.

MBN entertainment program <Ah!>, which has been on air since May 20, 2022I’m Free-Hae> I resumed broadcasting activities after about 11 months as a cast member

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