‘Kim Yu-won sole representative system’ Naver..

‘Kim Yu-won sole representative system’ Naver Cloud is stepping up its leap into a global technology corporation

Kim Yu-won

Naver Cloud will change its leadership to Kim Yu-won’s sole representative system to accelerate global technology growth.
According to Naver Cloud on the 3rd, the company held a board meeting on December 30, 2022 and changed its leadership to Kim Yu-won’s sole representative system.

Kim Yoo-won, who has been co-representative with CEO Park Won-ki since September 2022, is a data and technology expert who served as the head of Naver’s data information center (then NHN in 2006) and Naver’s data general. Based on the deep understanding of “Team Naver”‘s philosophy and technology services, it is determined to quickly capture and target business opportunities to continue the company’s growth.

The company will serve as the center of innovation that collects the technology capabilities of “Team Naver” in the transition of a huge technology paradigm in which all industries are clouded.

Through synergy of Naver Cloud, Naver Works, Clova CIC, Papago, and Wales, it is planning to become a competitive global technology corporation in all service sectors by adding artificial intelligence (AI), web (WEB)-based technologies, Naverworks (Japanese service name Lineworks), and Papago to its own cloud products and technologies.

“Through the combination of Naver’s global top-notch technology such as HyperClova and cloud platforms, the company will help more partners access an advanced technology ecosystem and increase its competitiveness,” said Kim Yu-won, sole CEO.

“The company’s developers will introduce products that lead the technology trend in the ‘cloud native’ paradigm,” he said. “We will support them to grow and develop their capabilities in the global market.”

CEO Park Won-ki, who has been leading the growth of Naver Cloud since 2014, will serve as the head of Naver Cloud’s APAC (Asia-Pacific) business development. Based on a wide range of insights and know-how about the cloud industry accumulated at the management front, the company will focus on expanding its global business.

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