Lee Da-hee, the trophy body itself17 I’m going to get hit by..

Lee Da-hee, the trophy body itself17 I’m going to get hit by the 176cm angular beauty.

Lee Da-hee

Actress Lee Da-hee caught the eye with her beautiful figure.

Lee Da-hee posted a photo on her personal SNS on January 8 with the message, “Rajamangala Stadium, which was so beautiful, full of Thai fans.”

In the picture, Lee Da-hee is wearing a dress with an impressive slit and a cape design.

He revealed his glamorous body with a non-stick material, and emphasized a cool feeling by exposing his angular beauty. Lee Da-hee’s small face and beautiful smile also attract attention.

As if the trophy had been made into a human being, netizens praised it, saying, “It’s so perfect,” “Is this how the goddess looks like?” and “It’s so beautiful.”

Meanwhile, Lee Da-hee appeared in the original TVing drama ‘Ireland’ released on the 30th of last month. “Ireland” is a drama about the journey of characters who have a destiny to fight against the evil that tries to destroy the world, and is released every Friday at 12 p.m. on TVing.

Lee Dahee takes care of her body better than any other actor, but her appearance.He is a charming actor.

It is characterized by its unique height, which is slender and refreshing, which fans consider as the biggest charm. However, he says that tall height is a complex to himself. In Cheongdam-dong Alice, I couldn’t even get a chance to meet because of my height, and I almost missed the role because of my height in I could hear your voice. As a result, Lee Da-hee’s neck tends to bend forward because she unconsciously bent her upper body. When I took pictures with male actors, I had a habit of reflecting deeply.

If you look at a full-body picture of a body weight of about 50kg, you can see that he is skinny. Most of the articles where Lee Da-hee’s photos were posted say that she was always too thin. However, Lee Da-hee is not naturally skinny. Not only is he tall, but he also has a skeleton, so even if he gains a little weight, he looks bigger and looks different. However, as he said, he hates exercise, so most of the diet methods starve.

Eventually, he appeared in “Real Men” and was put on the sword. In the application, he wrote 176 centimeters tall and 54 kilograms, but he was 175.2 centimeters tall and weighed 55.5 kilograms.

The physical complex has a foot size of 260mm. It is large for women of average physique, but it is an average foot size compared to height.

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