Lee Jang-woo, a big hit actor, Udon restaurant. How does it taste..

Lee Jang-woo, a big hit actor, Udon restaurant. How does it taste? “I’ve been waiting for an hour and 40 minutes” until the open run…

Actor Lee Jang-woo’s udon store, which opened in secret, is attracting high attention, and even “open run” (the act of waiting even before the opening).

On the 21st, an online community poured out a review of the udon store run by Lee Jang-woo. “I went there early in the morning, and there were a lot of customers,” “Udon and galbi go well together,” and “I think we should make a waiting list system.”

Lee Jang-woo

A, who waited for an hour and 40 minutes to eat udon, said, “I came here at 11 o’clock, which is the opening time of the store, and I have been shaking for 20 minutes,” adding, “I was able to taste udon and ribs after waiting in a long waiting line for 1 hour and 40 minutes.” “I should have gone to the sundae soup restaurant behind me,” he said, “but I waited while shaking because I didn’t want to waste my time waiting,” adding, “There are about 10 tables, but the rotation rate is lower than I thought. He said, “I feel like I’m eating more slowly because I’m sad that everyone waited for me.

As for the taste of udon, “It’s the taste of udon that I used to drink and hangover. In fact, udon tastes the same. The noodles are thin, spicy, and mild, but the difference in the amount of seasoning is evaluated. Also, “A plate of ribs was more edible than I thought.” Lee Jang-woo also laid cabbage on his morning bread to make hamburgers, perhaps because he is “Dr. Chomp Chomp Chomp.” He added, “If you eat udon and galbi, it’s sweet and salty (sweet and salty).”

When asked if he could see Lee Jang-woo at the store, A said, “A man asked, and he said he was making it himself.”

Actress Lee Jang-woo’s news of the opening of the udon store was that YouTuber Tzuyang posted on his YouTube channel on the 19th, “I went to the udon house, and a famous actor was the boss…It became known when he posted a video titled ‘?’. Tzuyang visited an instant udon restaurant in Garak Market, and there was Lee Jang-woo unexpectedly.

At the time, Lee Jang-woo said, “I really like instant udon, but all the udon that used to be sold at carts and trucks has disappeared. He said, “I usually have udon for hangover, but it was too far to go, so I opened a store.” “I didn’t want to open what made me go,” he said. “I cook myself when I’m there,” expressing his willingness to exclude celebrity marketing and compete with taste.

Actor Lee Jang-woo said, “Many people are curious about udon, but it doesn’t contain any powder. “The powder is actually quite expensive,” he said. “Instead, I studied the seasoned red-pepper for about two months. “I ate a lot of spicy food that made my stomach turn upside down,” he said, expressing his efforts to taste udon.

Meanwhile, Lee Jang-woo was nicknamed the “Prince of Powder” by cooking chicken and cold noodles with only powder on MBC’s entertainment show “I Live Alone.” He also won the Best Couple Award at the MBC Entertainment Awards in 2022 by forming the Farm U Line, which is sincere about eating with Jeon Hyun-moo and Park Na-rae.

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