Lee Je-hoon, “Thank you always.””See you soon”.

Lee Je-hoon, “Thank you always.””See you soon”.

Lee Je-hoon

Actor Lee Je-hoon showed off his admiring profile.

Lee Je-hoon said on his Instagram on the 3rd, “DC Inside Lee Je-hoon Gallery, I filmed it in a strong way thanks to you in the cold weather. Thank you so much. We’ll work hard on the shoot and show you the best of us. See you soon,” he said, releasing several photos.

In the released photo,  Je-hoon left a proof shot in front of a coffee car and a snack car.  Je-hoon boasted of his sculptured profile with coffee.

Netizens said, “Take care of your health on the set,” adding, “I resent the cold weather, but I’m relieved that your expression is bright.” Safely and healthily, fighting! I love you”, “You have to eat deliciously and cheer up. Thank you to the fans who always love us. Please take good care of me,” and “I’m just waiting for the day to broadcast.”

Meanwhile,  Je-hoon will appear in SBS’ new drama ‘Model Taxi 2’, which will air in February. “Model Taxi 2” is a private revenge act in which Rainbow Fortune, a veiled taxi company, and Kim Do-ki ( Je-hoon), a taxi driver, complete revenge on behalf of an unfair victim.

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