Lee Min-jung, “Lee Byung-hun, who wants to be funny…

Lee Min-jung, “Lee Byung-hun, who wants to be funny…””Moon Seyoon, listen to the bathroom story yourself.” (Cultwo Show) [Comprehensive]

Lee Min-jung

Actress Lee Min-jung said she wants to make a joke about her husband Lee Byung-hun.

SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” (hereinafter referred to as “Cultwo Show”), which aired on the 2nd, starred Kwon Sang-woo and Lee Min-jung, the main actors of the movie “Switch,” with Moon Se-yoon as a special DJ.

On this day, Kwon Sang-woo said, “It comes out every four years like the World Cup.” Lee Min-jung also said, “I appeared on ‘Cultwo Show’ during ‘Wonderful Radio’ 11 years ago, and I have a deep relationship with Kim Tae-kyun as a cameo in the movie. “I’m so glad to be here,” he said with a bright smile.

Regarding the movie “Switch,” Kwon Sang-woo said, “A top star with money and no concept lives a 180-degree different life.”

“I thought it was fun at the premiere, but I cried in the last scene. “I was embarrassed to see Min-jung next to me, so I wasn’t wiping my tears, but Min-jung was crying next to me, so I took courage,” he confessed. Lee Min-jung said, “It’s as fun as ‘Cultwo Show’. If it’s not fun, call me on “Cultwo Show”. “I’ll give you a refund,” he said, expressing confidence.

Moon Se-yoon said, “I watched the preview and there was a funny scene. Kwon Sang-woo parodyed Hermit Crab,” he said.

In response, Kwon Sang-woo said, “I was in a scenario,” adding, “I broke up with the director after eating, and he said let’s do well.” When I replied with a hermit crab emoticon on Kakao Talk, he said, “I decided to put this god in no matter what.”

In particular, he also mentioned the line, “Lee Byung-hun is cheaper than me.” Kwon Sang-woo said, “It was an ad-lib at the scene. Oh Jung-se was worried about the line, he said. “Jung-se is an interesting actor in the work, but he is very quiet and calm outside the camera.” “I was worried about what I would think because I talked about Byung-hun,” he recalled that time.

Lee Min-jung said, “Jung-se asked me to get permission. I said, “I feel good if it’s a scene where you burst into laughter, but wouldn’t it be like that if it was a meaningless scene?” But the audience will know when they watch the movie. So I saw it at the premiere, and all the men liked it so much,” he said.

One listener then asked Lee Min-jung, “Have you heard of Se-yoon and Byung-hun’s bathroom story?” Lee Min-jung said, “I heard. “I heard it directly from my husband before coming out and talking to him again,” he said.

Moon Se-yoon and Lee Byung-hun met in the bathroom of the Baeksang Arts Awards. Moon Se-yoon said, “We met in the bathroom. I went in because I was in a hurry, and Lee Byung-hun was doing his business. I bowed to him as a greeting, and he looked at me and said, “I can’t even shake hands like this.” He explained the situation at the time.

Moon Se-yoon said, “What’s humorous is that we met again the next year. You don’t have to come because I didn’t see it. But when he came, he reached out his hand to shake hands, and his hand was very wet, he said. “It must be hard to shake hands because it’s wet like this.” He came to make repeated jokes after a year. “I’m a comedian, and I felt infinite emotion there,” he said, making everyone laugh.

Lee Min-jung said, “I want to be funny,” and Kwon Sang-woo hoped, “I want the two to meet one more time.”

Finally, Lee Min-jung said, “There is a part where Kwon Sang-woo’s abs are clearly visible in the movie. “There is a bathhouse scene,” he hinted. Kwon Sang-woo said, “If our movie goes well, please sing it again.”

Meanwhile, “Switch” tells the story of top star Park Kang (played by Kwon Sang-woo), who was enjoying a colorful single life, and 10 million-star cast, who was the No. 0 actor, a scandal maker, as his life turned 180 degrees on Christmas. It will be released in theaters nationwide on the 4th.

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