“Lee Young-ji’s junior” Kiko “Gongbeom 2” OST released.

“Lee Young-ji’s junior” Kiko “Gongbeom 2” OST released.


Singer Kik5o was selected as a singer with the OST of “Gongbeom 2.”

According to Internet music content company Axelers, the survival web entertainment show ‘Gongbeom 2: Spy’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Gongbeom 2’) OST Part.2 ‘CHECKMATE’ will be released through various online music sites at noon on the 5th.

“Checkmate” is an impressive song with a strong base sound and Kiko’s seductive voice. It not only conveys the atmosphere of being at a crime scene, but also adds a sensuous feeling like a noir movie.

Kiko, who was selected as a singer, is an artist who belongs to the hip-hop label Mainstream Winter along with Lee Young-ji. He debuted in the music industry in 2020 with “IN THE DARK” and has been steadily developing his capabilities by meeting listeners with various albums such as “Voyager,” “54 Reasons,” “Fall Asleep” and “Forever.”

In particular, Kiko has emerged as an artist with more expectations for her future move, appearing in Mnet’s “Artistak Game: Survival, where singers become a staple,” which recently ended, and winning the final title dramatically among leading participants.

Gongbeom 2, a survival reality that determines the final winner for up to 100 million won in prize money based on the motif of “Mafia Game,” will be joined by 10 participants, from Agent H to Park Pippi, Lim Yo-hwan, Superbee and Crocodile, and is responsible for viewers’ fun to watch with detailed psychological warfare.

Meanwhile, Gongbeom 2 is released every Wednesday and Friday on Jang Ji-soo’s YouTube channel.

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