Manchester City defender Canselo on loan to Munich…Complaints

Manchester City defender Canselo on loan to Munich…Complaints about reducing playing time.

English Premier League (EPL) Manchester City defender Joo Cancelo (29) will head to Bayern Munich, Germany.

Manchester City

The BBC said, “Canselu will join Munich on loan. It also included an option to completely transfer Canselo for 70 million euros in the summer.

Local media reported that Canselu’s relationship with Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has recently been disrupted as his chances of playing have decreased. Cancelo steadily took the opportunity early this season, but he has been on the bench more often since the 2022 Qatar World Cup. The BBC said: “Canselo isn’t happy with a little playing time. “Munich has made the offer,” he said.

Portuguese national Cancelo moved to Manchester City in 2019 and has established himself as a key player for the team. He has been named the Premier League Team of the Year for the past two consecutive seasons. However, as young defender Rico Lewis (19) was recently chosen by Guardiola, Canselu’s position gradually decreased. In addition, Guardiola is revising his team’s tactics around an outstanding striker named Elling Holan (23), and Canselu also failed to avoid the aftermath.

Munich is also a top team and is currently showing various performances in the league. What kind of performance will Joo Cancelo show in Hen?
Fans are interested in whether to show it.

Felix’s style of play has long been in the spotlight.

He is a second striker located behind the front-line one-top, and has a skillful on-the-ball play and scoring ability.

Felix’s most prominent advantage is his kick power, which uses his kick power in the right place while being located behind the front line. In addition to shooting through kick power, both scoring and helping can perform well, such as attempting a kill pass, and it shows excellent play compared to its peers such as vision, pass sense, ability to judge pass timing, and linked play. Defensive football-seeking teams like Atletico Madrid have relatively few attacking opportunities and must score as many goals as possible, not only scoring goals but also the resources to improve the quality of the attack through playmaking. Also, the speed is normal, but it doesn’t kill the tempo when counterattack. The ball control is soft and the ball touch is concise, showing efficient dribbling skills.

Since joining Atletico, he has often performed very well in big games such as the UEFA Champions League and has shown his clutch ability to score offensive points in important situations. He showed many impressive scenes, including an equalizer against Leipzig in the 19-20 season, multiple goals against Salzburg in the 20-21 season, the first goal against Munich, assist against Liverpool in the 21-22 season, and the first goal in the round of 16.

Although he is called the second Ronaldo, his style of play is very different. To compare, it is similar to Hui Costa, Kaka in the heyday, and Francesco Totti in the Trequartista. Nevertheless, the reason why Ronaldo is called the second Ronaldo seems to be because he is the player with the best potential since Ronaldo in Portugal. Atletico Madrid, Antoine Griezmann’s successor  plays mainly as a two-top second striker. In the national team, he will play as a central striker or left winger in the role of Falls Nine. You can play in both second-line positions and show your best performance when playing a free roll role.

The downside is physical and physical strength. Due to Simeone’s tactical nature of pursuing forward pressure from the striker throughout the first and second half, he needs activity from his physical strength that can run for a long time, but Felix tends to perform forward pressure well, but his physical strength drops sharply in the second half. He is also thin, so he often shows weakness under strong pressure, so he needs to be supplemented. After moving to Atletico Madrid, he was often absent due to injuries caused by strong pressure.

However, from the late 2019-20 season to the 2020-21 season, Simeone’s stamina, which had been running out in the second half, rose so much that he could properly pressure the front until the 90th minute. Also, I don’t fall easily under strong pressure, whether I’m used to strong pressure or my physical and balance have improved.

As mentioned above, Joo Felix’s abilities are all developed in hexagons except for defense, and the problem with these players is that if a player’s form decreases, the player’s skills are not only one part but also the size of the hexagons in many ways. Felix also has a lot of offensive tools and is talented, but expectations of too high a ransom and discord with the coach make him a narrow hexagonal striker, who is lacking in determination and physical factors to be a winger, and his natural position as a shadow striker.

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