Manchester City, rather, can’t win because of Holan”

Manchester City, rather, can’t win because of Holan”

Manchester City

Is Manchester City impossible to win because of Elling Holan?

Football media ‘Trivial Football’ said on the 4th (Korea Standard Time), “Holan is a problem for Manchester City. He said, “The lack of movement makes his colleagues’ movements twisted.”

Holan entered the English Premier League (EPL) ahead of this season, and as soon as he joined Manchester City, he is showing a tremendous performance. He has scored 21 goals in 15 league matches so far. The team ranks second. With one game less played, the team is eight points behind Arsenal, the No. 1 player.

With many seasons left, there is a good chance that Manchester City`s can turn Arsenal around. If Holan’s scoring pace continues, the turnaround could be faster.

However, “Trivial Football” predicted that Manchester City`s could not win because of Holan. The media said, “Holan is the problem. His lack of movement makes it easier for his opponent to counterattack against Manchester City`s. As a result, Manchester City’s creative players must continue to assist Holan. “The line of movement gets twisted,” he pointed out.

On the other hand, as for Arsenal, Arsenal, led by head coach Michel Arteta, is the most likely candidate to win. “It’s too early to be sure that Arsenal will win, but Arsenal have all the fluidity, diversity and creativity,” he said.

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