Manchester United!! The dignity of “UCL WINNER”…

Manchester United!! The dignity of “UCL WINNER”…”The most important player in Manchester United High praise.

Manchester United

It’s an extraordinary class.

Manchester United beat AFC Bournemouth 3-0 in the 19th round of the English Premier League (PL) in the 2022-23 season at Old Trafford in Manchester, England on the 4th (Korea time).

Coach Eric Ten Hach (52)’s tactics are fitting. Manchester United is cruising with six consecutive official wins. After the 2022 Qatar World Cup break, he recorded three consecutive Premier League wins and jumped to fourth place in the league rankings.

A solid midfield led to a winning streak. Casemiro (30), who was recruited from Real Madrid in the summer transfer market, is remarkable. Casemiro, who has won five UEFA Champions League titles, has chosen a surprise trend. When he joined Manchester United, he said, “My goal is to win the Premier League. “I’m looking forward to a challenge in the new league,” he said, expressing his motivation.

There was no need for a long adaptation period. Casemiro, a key midfielder for Real Madrid, quickly became the ace of Manchester United’s midfield and became the leading contributor to the winning streak.

Kasemiru’s performance continued against Bournemouth. In the 23rd minute of the first half, Christian Eriksen (30) crossed with a sensational volley shot to give Manchester United the first goal. He traveled all over the ground with a lot of activity. He played the role of Manchester United’s engine with his experienced de-pressure and pass.

Manchester United, which won the midfield fight, dominated the game. Luke Shaw (27) scored an additional goal in the fourth minute of the second half and Marcus Rashford (24) scored a decisive goal in the 41st minute to win 3-0.

There were also favorable reviews from sports media. ESPN said, “Kasemiru is already the most important player under coach Ten Hach. Rafael Varane (29), Eriksen and Lisandro Martinez (24) are also excellent, but they are not as good as Casemiru,” he said.

“Kasemiru seemed to be cleaning the ball in front of the defense. “He easily connected the pass to the front,” he praised. In fact, in 16 games in which Casemiru started, Man-u scored 10 scoreless games.

It was a performance that did not overshadow the coach’s recent favorable reviews. Coach Ten Hach once said about Casemiru’s joining Manchester United, “I’m glad Real Madrid allowed Casemiru to leave.”

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