“Marilyn Manson Dismisses 36-Year-Old Female Model..

“Marilyn Manson Dismisses 36-Year-Old Female Model Sexual Harassment Case” was an agreed relationship [Overseas Issue]

Marilyn Manson

A sexual assault lawsuit filed by Del Ashley Smithline, 36, against rocker Marilyn Manson, 54, was dismissed by a judge in more than two years.

Smithline claimed he suffered sexual, psychological and physical abuse while dating Manson in June 2021.

“Smithline’s case was dismissed unbiased by a Los Angeles judge after he failed to choose to defend himself or hire a new lawyer following Jay Elanger’s resignation,” entertainment media People said on the 4th (local time). She can resubmit the claim if she wants to,” the report said.

“We wish her well and will continue to work to ensure that those who have attempted to abuse our legal system will pay a significant price,” Marilyn Manson’s lawyer, Howard King, said in a statement.

Smithline did not immediately respond to People’s requests for comment.

Marilyn Manson repeatedly denied Smithline’s alleged abuse and told the court in July last year that their 2010 relationship with at least three accusers was “agreed.”

“I have never abused, assaulted, threatened or trafficked as these women claim,” he said. “It is a clear lie that they accuse me of abuse, assault or intimidation.”

Smithline claimed Manson was sexually abusive, whipped and “branded” her by engraving his initials on her legs.

Marilyn Manson faces sexual assault charges from at least 15 other women, including Evan Rachel Wood and Game of Thrones actress Esme Bianco. He denied all charges.

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