Minnesota Gobert Chris Finch still trusts

Minnesota Gobert Chris Finch still trusts


The Minnesota Timberwolves (hereinafter Minnesota) held a productive meeting.

Minnesota reporter Dane Moore revealed the meeting between Minnesota players after losing the Detroit Pistons match on the morning of the 13th (Korea Standard Time).

Moore used Naz Reed to say that Minnesota players had a productive conversation. Earlier, when asked why Minnesota was sluggish, Reed said, “We know how to solve the slump.”

Moore also said Rudy Gobert always has time to talk after the game. He also said the Minnesota Front is committed to a long-term vision with Rudy Gobert and Chris Finch. Therefore, they are expected to evaluate Carl-Anthony Towns’ performance after recovering his complete physical condition.

In July last year, Minnesota gave Utah several nominations and several players in the first round to recruit Kobe. Minnesota’s plan was to maximize Gobert’s rim protecting ability and shooting blocker ability to take advantage of Carl-Anthony Towns’ strengths and compensate for shortcomings.

However, Gobert and Minnesota are in a slump. In 31 games in the 2022-23 season, Gobert played an average of 31.3 minutes, scoring 13.6 points, 11.9 rebounds, and recording a success rate of 67.1% (7.7 attempts).

Minnesota also ranked 11th in the Western Conference this season with 16 wins and 21 losses (0.432). In particular, Minnesota has lost six consecutive games since Kobe returned.

Govere is still showing good defense, but he has been passive in attacking and has repeatedly exposed to his out-of-match appearance with Minnesota main ball handler DiAngelo Angelo Russell. Meanwhile, Gobert is showing off his good chemistry with Kyle Anderson, who has good reading skills.

Therefore, if Gobert recovers his active movement in the attack and meets a ball handler who saves the big man well, there is a possibility that he will return as an important player in the team at any time.

In any case, it will be most important for Minnesota to see Gobert kick back

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