Miranda Kerr… Evan Spiegel, a family reunion…

Miranda Kerr… Evan Spiegel, a family reunion…My ex-husband, Orlando Bloom’s son.

Miranda Kerr

Model Miranda Kerr had a family reunion with her husband, Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel, and three children.

Splash News, a U.S. media outlet, captured and released images of Miranda Kerr`s and Evan Spiegel with their children in Los Angeles on the 3rd (local time).

The photo shows Miranda Kerr`s smiling while holding her youngest son Miles in her arms.

It also showed Miranda Kerr`s and Evan Spiegel arriving in LA using a private plane with their children. Miranda Kerr is traveling with her youngest son, while Evan Spiegel is walking off the plane with his other two sons.

Miranda Kerr`s married Orlando Bloom in 2010 and had a son, Flynn Bloom, in 2011. However, the two divorced in 2013. Since then, Miranda Kerr`s has married Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat, a U.S. mobile messenger, in 2017 and has two sons, Heart Spiegel in 2018 and Miles Spiegel in 2019.

Miranda’s been in high fashion.

After failing to achieve good results in high fashion activities and ending his contract with Victoria’s Secret in early 2013, he only works as a commercial model and focuses on his cosmetics and ceramics business. However, it is not well evaluated even as a commercial model. He was a model for the David Jones department store, but was fired a few months after his divorce from Orlando Bloom was announced in October 2013, citing sluggish sales. Since early 2014, it has also been appearing as a TV commercial model for Jewelry brand Swarovski, but the advertisement itself has not been well received. Usually, jewelry brand advertisements emphasize the beauty of jewelry by showing the friendly atmosphere of lovers or couples exchanging gifts such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, or by closing up the part where they wear accessories without showing the model’s face as much as possible. There are also many advertisements that show jewelry without a model at all. However, in an unusual advertisement featuring Kerr, Kerr, who wears all kinds of accessories, smiles with his eyes and ends with Swarovski’s brand name. Although Swarovski is not a well-versed jewelry brand, local critics said they don’t know if this advertisement is for buying accessories or just looking at their faces because it’s big.

By the way, he came to the Swarovski event in May 2014 and mentioned his son Flynn, and now he is an ex-husband, Bloom, saying, “We are doing well, staying neutral between family and work.” Then, he made a surprise call with Bloom to show off that he was still on good terms with his ex-husband. It wasn’t during the event, but during a video call with people at the Gala Dinner table, Kerr answered the phone and showed them that Bloom called and told them to say hello. Many criticisms were made after Kerr posted malicious comments about this Hollywood star community. However, he was criticized for not being able to distinguish between construction and public works, saying, “Why do you suddenly talk about private matters at promotional events?”

Looking at the career so far, it is also true that it is a commercial specialty and has played a prominent role in commercial rather than high fashion. However, many say that it is not good in the most important “efficiency of advertising products and making sales” as a commercial model. Given that the performance after the divorce was sluggish, it was also Bloom Buff that was once popular in commercial, so even now that they divorced, they are cynical about whether they will continue to risk Bloom and fall down.

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