Moon Se-yoon, “Kim Min-kyung, let’s get married..

Moon Se-yoon, “Kim Min-kyung, let’s get married around April as the number one bride.” (Delicious)

Kim Min-kyung

“Delicious Guys” Moon Se-yoon encourages Kim Min-kyung to become the No. 1 bride.

In the 411th episode of the channel IHQ entertainment program “Delicious Guys,” which airs on the 6th, Fat 5 (Yoo Min-sang, Kim Min-kyung, Moon Se-yoon, Hong Yoon-hwa, and Kim Tae-won), who started a special feature of “Bob is Solo,” will be broadcast.

In the recent recording, Yoo Min-sang, Kim Min-kyung, Moon Se-yoon, Hong Yoon-hwa, and Kim Tae-won broke up into Young-soo, Ok-soon, Kwang-soo, Jung-sook, and Young-chul, respectively, and performed an eating show to find “Bobjjak.”

Young-soo and Jung-sook, who first chose braised short ribs as the second menu, quarreled all the time and showed off their brother and sister chemistry, making them laugh.

At the same time, Oksoon, Kwangsoo, and Youngchul ate pork belly, and among them, Oksoon said, “Pork belly is E in terms of MBTI.” “I can fit in with everyone,” he explained, drawing sympathy.

In response, Kwang-soo asked, “What is the blood type?” and Ok-soon replied, “It is O type,” making Kwang-soo and Young-chul nod.

On the other hand, Kwang-soo told Ok-soon, “It topped the brand reputation of entertainment broadcasters. “Let’s take this opportunity to win first place in the best bridesmaid and get married around April,” he drew attention.

Kwang-soo said, “Fatal love doesn’t know when or where it will come from. Instead, he advised, “You should try,” and when Young-chul asked, “Have you ever been on a blind date with Ok-soon?” Ok-soon responded, “No,” causing laughter.

Ok-soon confessed, “People told me I would have a man and I would have been in a lot of relationships,” and Kwang-soo, who heard this, said, “Who did that?” “Don’t meet him,” he said angrily, turning the recording site into a sea of laughter.

Meanwhile, episode 411 of “Delicious Guys” will be available on Channel IHQ at 8 p.m. on the 6th.

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