Napoli is confident in recruiting rising stars for the World Cup.

Napoli is confident in recruiting rising stars for the World Cup.

Napoli, which has been agonizing over the thin lineup of midfielders, admitted that it is seeking to recruit Azedin Unahi, who led the Moroccan sensation at the “2022 Qatar World Cup.”


Napoli, the leading player in Italy’s Serie A, is now important to keep the top spot. In the early and mid-season, even if some players were missing, they actively hired second-class players, but the story is different from the middle of the season when the physical burden was accumulated. In addition, Serie A is considered the league with the most advanced analysis and response to the opposing team. If Napoli’s strengths are seen by the opposing team, a new player should be put in and make a change. Napoli have hired right-back Bartosh Berecinski in the winter transfer market.

The position with the thinnest player base is the central midfielder. The main combination, which has been formed by Piotr Gielinsky, Andre Frank Zamboangisa and Stanislav Robotka, is not a big problem. If Zielinski was sluggish, Elif Elmas would replace him. However, there are no alternative resources for Ankisa, who is in charge of defense in the midfield, and Robotka, who coordinates the team from the back. Diego Deme, who has good defense, is originally a key player, but has been suffering from injuries this season.

Tanguy Ndombele, a key rotation resource, has been loaned from Tottenham Hotspur. He plays faster and more focused than he showed at Tottenham, but he is not satisfied enough. Napoli lost the Copa Italy round of 16 against Cremonese on the 18th (Korea Standard Time), and coach Luciano Spaletti showed distrust in the second-tier players by excluding both Ndombele and Zanluca Gaetano, a defensive midfielder combination, in the 20th minute of the second half.

Therefore, rumors of recruiting midfielder Unahi, who has both energy and technology, are drawing attention. Unahi contributed to Morocco’s semi-final blast at the World Cup. He belongs to the French club Anze.

“It’s optimistic,” Napoli general manager Christiano Juntoli told Mediasset. “Unahi is a talented player,” he virtually admitted his intention to recruit him. “But I’m focusing on my team and I’m paying attention to what I have to do every day,” he said, but rumors of a transfer heated up.

Napoli are also seeking to replace the serve goalkeeper. The former star goalkeeper Salvatore Sirigu is behind Alex Meret, the undisputed main player. There is a widespread rumor that Fiorentina’s candidate goalkeeper, Pierluisi Golini, is seeking a swap, which General Manager Juntoli also acknowledged. Since Golini has been on loan at Tottenham in the 2021-2022 season, Son Heung-min’s former teammate will be added to Napoli if the deal is completed.

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