NASA New Year’s resolutions…”From an electric plane..

NASA New Year’s resolutions…”From an electric plane to a space suit for exploring the moon.”


The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) released major space missions for 2023 through YouTube videos on the 2nd (local time), IT media CNET reported.

In the video released, NASA director Bill Nelson said, “We will not stop exploring the unknown.”

NASA will have a very busy year in 2023. NASA will select astronauts for the first manned projectile “Artemis 2” mission in the era of new lunar exploration, and will later unveil space suits for the Artemis mission.

And NASA will launch a manned spacecraft called “Starliner” to and from the International Space Station, which it has prepared with Boeing, this year. The Oris-Rex probe, which arrived at the asteroid Benu in 2020 and collected samples of the asteroid’s soil and rocks, plans to bring rock and soil samples from Benu to Earth this year.

NASA`s is developing innovative X-59 supersonic aircraft and electric aircraft “X-57” to improve air travel within the Earth as well as space exploration, and the results of the development are expected to be revealed this year.

In addition, NASA`s will launch a range of climate-related projects this year, including the launch of a geostationary environmental satellite, Tempo (TEMPO), which will inform the Earth’s environmental changes, and a new Earth Information Center project to share weather, land, water and climate data.

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