NCT 127 first solo concert in Chile…extended service to..

NCT 127 first solo concert in Chile…extended service to the subway

NCT 127 successfully finished its first solo concert in Chile.

NCT 127

“Neo City: Santiago? The Link” (NEO CITY: SANTIAGO? THE LINK) was held at the Santiago MOVISTAR Arena in Chile on January 22 (local time) and attracted 10,000 viewers with a performance of NCT 127’s colorful music and performance.

In particular, as this concert was NCT 127’s first solo concert in Chile, all seats were sold out at the same time as the ticket was opened.

According to local media En Cancha, the Santiago subway is also extended to help visitors return home on the day of the performance, realizing the influence of NCT 127, which is enjoying high popularity in the region.

In response to Chilean fans’ enthusiastic response, NCT 127 sang hit songs such as “Running,” “Faster,” “Hero,” “Favorite,” “Sticker,” and “Cherry Bomb,” leading to constant cheers and cheers with energetic performances and stage manners.

In addition, NCT 127 communicated in Spanish, which was prepared in advance, such as “Estan Ristos Para Dis Pruttar” (Everyone, are you ready to have fun), “Thorn Los Mehores” (You are the best), and “Ttekiero” (I love you).

Also, “I am more grateful to know that the love from the other side of the world is not natural. “I will continue to work hard as much as you support me,” he said.

In particular, hundreds of local fans crowded the arrival hall to see NCT 127 entering the Santiago International Airport on the 21st, and many fans who could not get tickets outside the concert hall on the 22nd heard the performance and cheered together, reaffirming NCT 127’s global status.

Meanwhile, NCT127 will continue its second world tour’s additional performance in North and South America at Mobista Arena in Bogota, Colombia, on January 25, and release its fourth full-length repackage “Ay-Yo” on January 30.

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