New Jin’s Entering the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Six Months After..

New Jin’s Entering the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Six Months After Their Debut…”Shortest Record”

The group New Jin’s broke through the barrier of the U.S. Billboard main single chart “Hot 100” six months after its debut.

According to the latest chart (January 21st) released by U.S. music media Billboard on the 17th (local time), the song “Ditto” from the New Jin’s single album “OMG” ranked 96th in the “Hot 100.”

It adds to the surprise in that it is a record set about six months after his debut. As a result, Newzins set a new record for the shortest time among K-pop artists since their debut.

Newzins, who debuted on July 22 last year, simultaneously hit their debut songs “Attention” and “Lowering Boy” and then swept not only domestic but also overseas charts with “Ditto” released later.

New Jin's

In addition, Newzins became the first K-pop artist to be listed on the Billboard Hot 100 since September 2016.

“Ditto” first entered No. 17 on the “Bubble Under Hot 100” chart on the 7th, ranking 25 songs that failed to enter the “Hot 100,” and raised its ranking to No. 8 on the chart on the 14th, predicting Newzins’ entry into the Billboard “Hot 100.”

Earlier, Hollywood stars also mentioned that they enjoy listening to New Jin’s music, realizing New Jin’s popularity in the U.S. In a red carpet interview at the 80th Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in LA on the 10th (local time), actor Ayo Edevi said, “I really like the new group called Newzins. He once praised the song Ditto by Newzins, saying, saying, “The song Dito is very good.”

Meanwhile, ‘Dito’ is gaining popularity in many overseas regions outside the United States. It entered the UK official single “Top 100” released on the 13th (local time) for the first time and ranked 95th, and ranked 11th in the Spotify Global “Weekly Top Song” released on the same day.

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