NFL legend Tom Brady frustrates winning his eighth..

NFL legend Tom Brady frustrates winning his eighth Super Bowl… Retirement or transfer, that’s the question.

Tom Brady (41, Tampa Bay Buccaneers), who is called the best quarterback in NFL (American Football) history, announced his retirement from active duty in February last year but reversed it in about 40 days. Having won seven Super Bowl titles, the most in his career, he returned to the field for his eighth trophy. The price was high. He divorced his wife, famous model Giselle Buncheon.

Tom Brady

He returned to the field giving up his marriage, but his challenge to win the Super Bowl was frustrated early on. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, led by Brady, lost 14-31 to the Dallas Cowboys in the playoff wild card match on the 17th.

Tom Brady’s contract with the Buccaneers ends this season. For this reason, both predict that Brady will really retire after the end of the contract and that he will move to another team that needs a quarterback and challenge to win the Super Bowl once again.

Those who predict Brady’s retirement are based on Brady’s poor performance this season. Brady finished 11th in the NFL quarterback rankings as of the end of the regular season. It was also the first season in his 23-year professional career where he lost more than won.

Brady’s contract to become an NFL analyst for Fox Sports last year for 10 years and 375 million dollars is also fueling rumors of his retirement.

Those predicting Tom Brady’s extension to active duty see him as still competitive in the NFL, although he is not at the same level as in the past. In fact, there are many teams that need to recruit quarterbacks, so it doesn’t seem difficult to find a new team if Brady wants to. Destinations include the Las Vegas Raiders, who are scheduled to break up with starting quarterback Derek Carr, Brady’s old team New England Patriots, and the Tennessee Titans, where Mike Bravel, who was with Brady and the Patriots, is in charge.

As Brady is known to have recently purchased real estate in Miami, Florida, the Miami Dolphins are also considered a strong next team.

There are many speculations about his future, but Brady is not giving a definite answer. “I’ll have enough time to think about whether to retire,” he says. “Next time I talk about retirement, I’ll really retire then.”

Not many people dispute that Tom Brady has already been ranked among the best players of all time. Even if he retires like this, he will be remembered as a great player. Nevertheless, the world’s sports community is paying keen attention to whether Brady will continue his active career and continue to challenge for more trophies.

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