Oh Dal-soo first appearance on “Casino”. It’s so powerful.

Oh Dal-soo first appearance on “Casino”. It’s so powerful.

Oh Dal-soo

Oh Dal-soo announced his performance as a scene stealer in “Casino.”

Actor Dal-soo first appeared as Korean president Lee Joon-gu in the sixth episode of the Disney+ original series “Casino,” which was released on January 11.

“Casino” is a strong story about “Cha Moo-sik,” a man who became a casino legend in the Philippines without money or back, being embroiled in a murder case and starting his last bet on the brink of life.

At the same time as his appearance, Dal-soo gave subscribers a presence with his unique acting.

In the play, Dal-soo naturally melted into the play as a realistic Korean president by playing a character that serves as a bridge between Oh Seung-hoon (Son Seok-gu) and Korean residents.

Despite Dal-soo short appearance, attention is being paid to what role Dal-soo who met Son Seok-gu (played by Oh Seung-hoon), will play in the future while he caught the attention of subscribers by playing a character that changes the mood of the play.

Actor  Dal-soo is not a leading actor, but he made his debut as Moon Sang-gu in Ogu in 1990 and became a research actor. He made his film debut as a pirate disco king in 2002 and has been gaining fame as a supporting actor.

In addition, regardless of the acting, it is attractive acting skills and also brings laughter from the fans of comic movies.
The drama I’m filming right now is also getting fans’ expectations.
It is making me wonder what kind of appearance I will show in this drama.

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