ONEUS’ “Same Cent” won “2022 Best K-Pop” by Teen Vogue.

ONEUS’ “Same Cent” won “2022 Best K-Pop” by Teen Vogue.


Boy group ONEUS’ “Same Sent” has become the “2022 Best K-Pop.”

TEEN VOGUE, a famous U.S. magazine, recently selected the title song “Semcent” of ONEUS’ 8th mini album “MALUS” as “The 79 Best K-Pop Songs of 2022.”

“The seductive guitar sound from the song’s highlights opens the way for the attractive vocals of K-pop’s fourth-generation singers, Seo Ho and Gun Hee,” Teen Vogue said. “For ONEUS, who is always talented in attracting the public, this album shows the group’s irresistible charm for continued growth.”

ONEUS was selected as the “2022 Best K-Pop Track” by the famous British magazine DAZED in December last year as “Semcent,” and also proved its global influence by being named as the “2022 Best K-Pop” in Teen Vogue. In particular, ONEUS`s ranked at the top of domestic and foreign music charts with “Sense” and achieved four awards on music programs. They were loved for their unique powerful group dance and sexy concept.

Meanwhile, ONEUS`s which has successfully completed its first world tour “REACH FOR US” Asia tour since its debut, plans to start a full-fledged tour in New York in January.

ONEUS’ debut story.
RBW’s 5-member boy band debuted on January 9, 2019.
RBW’s debut project “I’ll Debut” that started in November 2017 became known as “RBW BOYZ”. We’ll debut on June 24, 2018. CHAPTER.The group name ‘ONEUS’ was announced through THE LAST [Piece Of You]. On the same day, the debut trailer was released on the official YouTube channel.

On January 9, 2019, he made his debut with his debut album “LIGHT US”. On January 10, the first music broadcasting stage was held through M Countdown, and on January 11, the terrestrial music broadcasting ceremony was held through Music Bank.

The team name ONEUS is a combination of “You Make Us” and “One.” It means “us created by the power of each fan (ONE)” and contains the ambition of “us ordinary us (US) coming together to create a world of one.”

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