‘PGA 2 wins’ Kim Joo-hyung left CJ and signed with Nike

‘PGA 2 wins’ Kim Joo-hyung left CJ and signed with Nike

Kim Joo-hyung

Kim Joo-hyung, the most notable rookie of the year with two wins on the U.S. PGA Tour last year, left CJ, where he had been with him for three years, and signed a new contract with Nike.

Kim Joo-hyung posted a video of walking along the course wearing a hat with the Nike logo on his SNS and wearing Nike game tops and bottoms.

The filming location is the Capalua Plantation Course in Maui, Hawaii, where the Century Tournament of Champions, the opening game of the PGA Tour, will be held this week.

Kim Joo-hyung, who will participate in last year’s PGA Tour championship for the first time, posted, “I’m excited about the new journey.”

Joo-hyung played with the CJ logo from 2020 to 2022, but he did not renew his contract with CJ after his three-year contract ended on December 31 last year, and he reportedly signed a new contract with Nike.

The terms of the contract with Nike are expected to be known this week.

Nike guarantees a large amount of money for players’ contracts, instead of allowing hats, clothing, and shoes to be attached to other companies’ logos other than the Nike logo.

Tiger Woods, the king of golf, and Rory McIlroy, the current world No. 1 player in men’s golf, also belong to Nike.

Nike’s Joo-hyung sponsorship contract is considered to have recognized Kim Joo-hyung’s value in the U.S. sports marketing market.

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