PL, Today (13th) Revealed “Moonlight Hate” OST of “Law Tran..

PL, Today (13th) Revealed “Moonlight Hate” OST of “Law Tran”…Calm + affectionate sentiments.


The second OST “Moonlight Hate” of the drama “Beopjean,” in which emotional singer-songwriter PL (PL) participated, will be released.

On the 13th, the second OST “Moonlight Hate” of the SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Bukjeon” in which PL participated will be released.

As PL (PL), which was known as “the voice in non-skip advertising music,” is expected to further double the sympathy of the main characters with its impressive singing that seems to comfort listeners with an attractive voice.

“Moonlight Pain” starts with a lyrical atmosphere of intro piano and vocals, and consists of a beautiful line that gradually immerse emotions in the chorus with an arrangement of sensuous instruments.

Composer Lee Sang-joon, who created numerous long-talked-about masterpieces such as Buzz’s “Don’t Know Men,” “Love Is Made by Heart,” and Taeyeon’s “Can You Hear Me,” and composer Cha Gil-wan, who has worked with each other for a long time, worked together once again. It is also worth paying attention to the poetic and emotional lyrics of the lyricist Fill.

On the other hand, “Beomjian” is a refreshing revenge play between “money trader” Eun-yong (Lee Sun-kyun) and “law engineer” Joon-kyung (Moon Chae-won), who fight against the cartels of “Law” and “Jean.” It will provide thrilling thrill and catharsis to viewers with the appearance of those who refuse to be silent in the face of unjust power and face it hotly in their own way.

From the first broadcast, “Bulchan,” which topped the ratings of all channels at the same time, has shown a strong history of the past and the present, and at the center of it, Yoon Hye-rin (Kim Mi-sook), a mother of Joon-kyung, who believes and follows Eun-yong as a family, maximizes viewers’ immersion, making them more immersed in PL’s calm and affectionate emotions.

“Moonlight Hate” by OST Part.2 PL (PL) of “Beopchan” will be released on the music site before 6 p.m. today (13th).

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