‘Pregnant’ Ahn Young-mi “Song Eun-yi has a baby dream…

‘Pregnant’ Ahn Young-mi “Song Eun-yi has a baby dream…Prenatal education is a cruel crime.”[Dude]

Ahn Young-mi

Ahn Young-mi, a broadcaster who recently reported her pregnancy after three years of marriage, revealed her conception dream.

Ahn Young-mi was congratulated by many listeners in MBC FM4U’s “Date Music of Two O’clock, This is Ahn Young-mi” (hereinafter referred to as “Dude”), which aired on the 6th.

On this day, Ahn Young-mi said, “(The news of pregnancy) was announced) She congratulated me a lot and worried about my health a lot. “I will take good care of my health so that I can keep my takkong (Taemyeong) healthy,” he said. “I was originally going to say takkong, but I thought it was too playful, so I thought of ‘takkong’ in my chest dance.”

Song Eun-yi then surprised me by saying that she had a conception dream. He said, “I was the first to inform senior Song Eun-yi of the pregnancy news. I showed you the picture of the pregnancy test device, and he called and said, “I had a baby dream.” He said that his senior made a big poop and turned into a snake and rushed in. I think it’s a good dream,” he said with a smile.

As for prenatal education,  Young-mi said, “I tried to prenatal education, but it didn’t suit me. I like criminal content so much that I often see cruel things. I’m doing what I’ve been doing. He said, “We sometimes say, ‘We can’t be that kind of person’ while watching criminal content,” adding, “We’re pregnant.”

Meanwhile,  Young-mi announced her pregnancy three years after marrying her non-celebrity husband in 2020. Ahn Young-mi is scheduled to give birth in July.

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