Pyo Yejin, Secret Ent…’Model Taxi 2′ and ‘Youth..

Pyo Yejin, Secret Ent…’Model Taxi 2′ and ‘Youth Woldam’ Popular Movements

Pyo Yejin

Actress Pyo Ye-jin signed an exclusive contract with Secret ENT and continues her trend.

Secret ENT announced the signing of an exclusive contract with Pyo Ye-jin on the 4th.

Pyo Ye-jin previously swept the eyes of viewers with stable acting skills in popular works such as SBS “Doctors,” KBS2’s “Fight for My Way” and tvN’s “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” With his lovely visuals, he drew his character with a completely different atmosphere for each work, and he quickly established himself as a wannabe icon for many women and was loved a lot.

He then played the role of On Yu-ri in SBS’s “VIP,” adding vitality to his work by playing a character who looks weak but has firmness and strength like customized clothes. Last year, he turned into a hacker by playing Ko Eun in SBS’s “Model Taxi,” and used digital devices to play the role of Lee Je-hoon’s eyes and ears, catching viewers’ attention by adding fun.

In addition, he attracted attention by securing a number of advertising model positions through daily photos that showed natural and trendyness along with the colorful charm shown in the work. With his new agency, he announced the start of Act 2 of his acting career, drawing more attention than ever.

SecretENT said, “I’m happy to be with actor Pyo Ye-jin, who delivers healthy energy to viewers with his unique bright aura. We will spare no support as a reliable partner so that actor Pyo Ye-jin’s passion for acting can shine even more. Please give us a lot of attention and love,” he said.

Pyo Ye-jin is preparing to fly higher with her new agency. tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Youth Woldam,” which will premiere on February 6, is expected to meet viewers busily throughout the week with the main character’s cheerful performance in SBS’ new Friday-Saturday drama “Model Taxi 2,” which will return to season 2 on February 17.

As a result, expectations and curiosity are gathering over his future acting moves, which heralded his activities on various platforms and works.

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