Residual bowel movements after defecation of ulcerative

Residual bowel movements after defecation of ulcerative colitis symptoms


It may be a disease if the feeling of discomfort after defecation persists after ulcerative colitis If you feel any residual bowel movements, regardless of age or younger, you should suspect symptoms of colon disease Have you ever sat back in the toilet due to residual bowel movements after defecation? Let’s take a closer look at ulcerative colitis, which is accompanied by stool urgency and residual abdominal pain Contractual colitis Symptoms Self-diagnosis If you have bloody stool, you defecate more than twice a day, have difficulty sleeping due to diarrhea at night, have symptoms such as general weakness, lack of appetite, fever, etc

Stomach symptoms improve and worsen repeatedly Most ulcerative colitis improves a few weeks after symptoms appear and then relapses Regardless of age or gender, if any of the symptoms of ulcerative colitis persist for more than a month, or if you have bloody stool, you need a colonist to diagnose you Difficulty in diagnosing ulcerative colitis Why it is difficult to diagnose ulcerative colitis Hyewon is still not accurately identified This disease is classified as intractable, and there is no diagnosis because the symptoms improve and the activity cost that does not affect daily life is repeated

Patients often go to the hospital only after their symptoms worsen, because they don’t recognize them as the basis, and they’re in a bad condition or they’ll get better if they wait As the recurrence repeats, the condition worsens, and if acute persistent colitis occurs, the symptoms will worsen over five or five months Remember, it’s a scary disease that can lead to death because of a high fever above 39 degrees How to diagnose ulcerative colitis One of the reasons why it is difficult to diagnose ulcerative colitis is that it is finally diagnosed by a colonologist who combines medical history and symptom blood test biopsy results

The most important test is colonoscopy There is an inflammation of the rectum continuous rectum In addition, red edema, congestion, vascular injury, loss of skin mucosa, mucosa is weakened enough to cause bleeding even in light contact, and severe ulcerative colitis shows natural bleeding and culture Treatment of ulcerative colitis If ulcerative colitis appears only to office workers, you can expect relatively good results from medication

However, intermittent detection of lesions beyond the rectum requires careful treatment of colon cancer and recurrence risk Inopharm More than 50% of the lesions that have progressed over 20 years are exacerbated by colon cancer, and even after medication, it’s time to carry around 70% of the chance of recurrence within 3 years Although it is clearly a colorectal disease that is difficult to diagnose and treat, it can be managed through regular visits to hospitals specializing in colorectal anus

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